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There are many ways to search our website for webinars that suite your interest.  As new webinars are added, a list of the most recent webinars will be located on our homepage.  Take time exploring all the different options.


Top Navigation Bar

At the top of this and every page, you’ll see a navigation bar.  You can select these links to find webinars in different categories.  Hover your mouse over the navigation bar to see drop down menus of more options.  You can search by body part, presenter, or category of webinar.


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Also at the top of every page is a search box.  Type in any keyword to search for available webinars.


The sidebar to the right has a menu of the most recent and most popular webinars.  Click of “latest” or “popular” to choose the list you’d like to see, then click on the webinar below.


Footer Menu

The footer section at the bottom of each page also has many ways to find webinars by searching, categories, or tags.  Categories include the presenter and broad domain that the topic falls under (i.e. “Kevin Wilk” and “Rehabilitation”).  Tags are used for more specific topics such as “rotator cuff,” “patellofemoral,” and “exercises.”  You can really narrow down your topic by searching the available tags.


Related Webinars

Each webinar page will also have related webinars listed at the bottom of the page making it easy to find similar webinars.